PAL Registry Cleaner Review

Back for another post! :-D. This time I'm going to do a Registry Cleaner review. I came across this new software called PAL Registry Cleaner and decided I would go ahead and take a look at it and post what I think. So this is officially a PAL Registry Cleaner Review lol :)

I went ahead and downloaded and installed PAL Registry Cleaner. It was a fairly quick download. So I'm going to go ahead and get right to the review.

My first thoughts when I looked at PAL Registry Cleaner was that it has a horrible interface. With a Registry Cleaner, it's more about how it performs of course. But many beginners use Registry Cleaners. It's usually good to have a simple but pretty interface. PAL Registry Cleaner doesn't have that. It looks like it was designed 15 years ago lol.

Another observation about PAL Registry Cleaner... where are the additional features? I don't see any. I know it's a Registry Cleaner, but most Registry Cleaners have additional features to help you maintain your computer speed. PAL Registry Cleaner doesn't seem to have any additional features. I see a Registry Cleaner... and that's it.

As far as the Registry Cleaner itself, it found a less then average amount of errors compared to other Registry Cleaners I've tried. Not impressive at all.

But yeah, in conclusion, I'm going to keep this simple... don't bother with PAL Registry Cleaner. There is no reason to try this Registry Cleaner. If you want a good Registry Cleaner, I'll continue to recommend Registry Winner or Registry Easy.

Good luck!

Download Link:

PAL Registry Cleaner

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