WindoClear Review

And... I'm back! While I was away, it looks some new software programs have been released. Although maybe I just missed them before. Anyway, for this post, I am going to take a look at WindoClear and do a WindoClear Review.

So what is WindoClear? According to the official website, WindoClear helps you protect your online privacy. How does it do that? Based on the website alone, I'm not exactly sure lol. Anyway, it's time to install it and see if it's any good.

Ok, I went ahead and quickly downloaded and installed WindoClear. It was a quick download and installation thankfully. So now it's time to open up WindoClear.

Upon opening WindoClear, it looks like it's a pretty simple program. There are a few buttons. There is "Scan Now", "Clean Options", "Configuration", and "About". All of those are pretty self-explanatory.

Looking through WindoClear, this appears to just be a history cleaner. WindoClear goes through you computer hard drive looking for old history tracks to remove. I was expecting a bit more to be honest.

I went ahead and ran a scan. WindoClear performed well, even though it's pretty basic.

One thing I should add, WindoClear has an option to wipe your free space on the computer. If you don't know what this means, let me explain.

When you delete a file, it rarely is deleted right away. Instead, your computer marks the file to delete later on. This is why some File Recovery programs will be able to recover recently deleted files. Your computer will get around to actually deleting the file when disk space is low and your computer actually needs that space.

So back to Wiping your free space. What this feature does is basically create a large file on your computer to temporarily lower your free disk space. This way the computer goes ahead and gets rid of those old files that you deleted.

In wrapping up this review, WindoClear is an okay program. I was expecting a bit more, but the feature to Wipe your free space is a nice feature that most utility programs seem to forget. If you are looking for a basic history cleaner, consider checking out WindoClear. If you are looking for a full utility program or some type of program to speed up your PC, consider another program such as Registry Winner or Registry Easy.

Good luck!

Once more, here is the download link:


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