RegInOut Review

In continuing with some of my reviews, it's time to check out RegInOut. RegInOut looks to be your typical Registry Cleaner. Since I have reviewed so many of these, I figure I may as well take a look at RegInOut and do a RegInOut Review.

I noticed the RegInOut company website looks professional for the most part. They make the usual claims about RegInOut being number 1. I'll be the judge of that ;). Thankfully the download and installation was quick. Time to open up RegInOut.

Ok, my first thought when opening up RegInOut is that it has a nice clean interface. You don't realize how bad some of the Registry Cleaners look until you look at a Registry Cleaner with a really nice interface. Anyway, time to start the Registry Scan.

While the Registry Cleaner is scanning, I should note that the additional features with this program appear to be at a minimum. There is a Startup Manager, but that's about it.

The scan finished. Unfortunately, the number of Registry Errors found appears to be below average. Although I should note, RegInOut also found some shortcuts on the computer that are invalid. I guess RegInOut isn't just a Registry Scanner.

In conclusion, I'm not that impressed with RegInOut. The interface is nice, but that's about it. The amount of additional features is minimum. In addition, the scanner isn't very impressive. For now I'll still stick to recommending Registry Easy or Registry Winner.

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