RegAce Review

Time for another review. This time I'm going to do a RegAce Review.

RegAce looks to be your typical Registry Cleaner. The company claims that RegAce will fix many computer problems. It's time to test out RegAce and find out if this is true. :) I went ahead and quickly downloaded and installed RegAce. So now it's time to open it up and take a look.

My first thought looking at RegAce is wow this is kind of an ugly interface. lol I hate to be picky, but it's just too colorful and looks like a child designed it.

In looking through RegAce, it looks like there aren't very many additional features. There is a Startup Manager, but that's really about it. For a Registry Cleaner to be above the rest, it needs more then just a Registry Cleaner and a Startup Item. Most Registry Cleaners have many other features.

Ok, I went ahead and ran a scan with RegAce. The scan results were about average. Could be better, could be worse. Either way, it was just average.

In wrapping this up, I'm not at all impressed with RegAce. My advice? Stick with Registry Easy or Registry Winner.

Good luck!

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