RegistrySmart Review

I went ahead and took a look at RegistrySmart. So I am going to do a quick RegistrySmart Review.

After looking at RegistrySmart, I honestly don't recommend this product. There are a few reasons why, but here are specifically a couple.

- The feature list with RegistrySmart is really lacking. Yeah there is also a startup manager, but that's about it. There are a lot of Registry Cleaners these days that come with many other additional features that RegistrySmart does not come with. What about a Registry Defrag? Junk file cleaner? etc.

- There is some debate among security professionals if RegistrySmart is safe or not. It appears some programs are detecting it as spyware. Unfortunately, I cannot confirm if it is indeed spyware or not.

Even if RegistrySmart turns out to be safe for your computer, it just doesn't have enough for me to consider recommending it. If you are looking for a good registry cleaner, check out Registry Winner. It's one of my favorites.

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