History Cleaner Review

Oh dear... time for a History Cleaner review.

You know, usually I would suggest trying out software before deciding if it's worth purchasing instead of simply going by how the company acts. But in this case, I'm going to make an exception.

The History Cleaner website is bullshit. But here's the highlight:

"Most people are shocked when we tell them that every single thing you do on your computer is permanently stored in hidden files on your hard drive."

Um... Not Even Close.

You know... companies generally exaggerate from time to time about things. It happens so often, that it isn't a big deal to me. But the one thing that I cannot stand is when a company flat out lies to people and tries to scare them into downloading their software. That pisses me off so much.

Because of the behavior alone of this company, I am going to suggest you stay away from History Cleaner. If you are looking for a good file cleaner, just go with one of the registry cleaners. I recommend Registry Winner specifically. It has a history cleaner among many other features. You can check out my review of Registry Winner here.

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