PC Tuneup Maestro Review

Hi everyone! For this post I decided to take a look at a piece of software I just came across. The software is a PC tuneup software called PC Tuneup Maestro. Since I have frequently reviewed various PC tuneup programs and am a big fan of them, I figured this would be the perfect program to review for this post. Consider this my PC Tuneup Maestro Review. :)

So, what is PC Tuneup Maestro? I more or less explained it in my first paragraph, but PC Tuneup Maestro is a PC Tuneup program designed to tune up your PC and get it running at full speed and error free. There are a lot of tune-up programs, so the competition is fierce. How does PC Tuneup Maestro stack up?

I went ahead and downloaded and installed PC Tuneup Maestro. It's a really quick download and installation, so even those on dial-up connections should have no problem quickly downloading this software. With that, let's get right to the program itself.

Upon opening this software, I was greeted with a nice looking interface. It looks very professional and very easy to use. On the left is a bar with the various tuneup tools, and on the right, it shows the various details.

I first took a look at the various tools that this software uses. I noticed that with this program there was a registry cleaner, hard drive cleaner, registry defrag, performance tuneup, disk defrag, resource monitor, and startup manager. It's a fairly comprehensive set of tools. The registry defrag is a nice touch, I don't see that too frequently with PC tuneup programs.

I went ahead and tested out some of the tools. To start, I ran the registry cleaner. I just used another registry cleaner the other day and cleaned up my computer registry. Despite running the previous scan, PC Tuneup Maestro found over 1,000 items that could be cleaned from the registry cleaner which really surprised me. Guess what I'm now going to be using to clean my computer registry, lol :)

In short, I like PC Tuneup Maestro. The program is very easy to use, and the registry cleaner is quite impressive. If you are looking to tuneup your PC, consider using PC Tuneup Maestro. Good luck!

Official Website of PC Tuneup Maestro

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