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Hey everyone! For this post, I decided to do a review of this system utilities suite called XComTools. As my regular readers know, I often review software related to your computer and keeping it running up to speed. XComTools is another such program that claims to help you with that task. So with that, I decided to try out XComTools and give you an XComTools Review.

So what is XComTools? Like I mentioned, it is basically software designed to help you keep your computer up to speed. System utility programs and registry cleaners are very popular today. I myself have tried out a lot of them. So going into this, it's going to take a lot to impress me.... but I'm going to go ahead and try it anyway. :)

I went ahead and downloaded and installed XComTools. The download was just under 5MB, so it's a very quick download. The installation itself was also painless. So with that, let's get right to the software!

I opened XComTools and I was taken to the main screen. The look of the program itself is impressive. It looks very professional and all of the various tools included in this program are easy to access. Right after I opened XComTools, it began scanning my computer for errors. While most users will appreciate this, I went ahead and hit cancel because I wanted to look at all of the tools that came with XComTools. I must say, XComTools has a LOT of tools.

Based on a quick look, I saw the following tools: Registry Cleaner, Junk File Cleaner, Evidence Cleaner, Duplicate Cleaner, Shortcut Cleaner, Windows Repair, IE Repair, System Repair, Shortcuts Repair, File Association Repair, System Optimizer, Disk Defragger, Registry Defragger, Uninstall Manager, ActiveX Blocker, File Shredder, Memory Optimizer, Startup Manager, System Speedup, Internet Optimizer, Registry Backup, and Driver Backup.

Clearly there is a lot of tools with XComTools and it might look like it's easy to get overwhelmed. However, when you click on each tool, there is a description as to what this tool does. You can go through each individual tool and figure out which ones you feel you should run for your computer. It's a pretty simple process and even those who are new to computers shouldn't have a problem with using XComTools.

When it comes to the tools themselves, they all performed very well for me. The memory optimizer is especially nice. Many people just assume that they need more RAM for their computer. However, using something as simple as this memory optimizer tool can really help with your computer RAM. But overall though, all of the tools are great.

In all, I highly recommend that my readers check out this software. It may be the best system utility program that I have come across. If you have any interest at all in speeding up your computer, then definitely give this software a try.

Good luck!

Official Website of XComTools

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