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Hey everyone,

I decided I would go ahead and post something before I head off to bed. A friend of mine was recently asking about this software he came across called Windows Doctor. As some of my regular readers know, I often review a lot of system utility programs. I thought I had reviewed this software before, but it turns out I hadn't. So I spent some time earlier this evening messing with Windows Doctor and thought I would post a Windows Doctor Review in case any of my readers might be thinking of trying out this software.

So what is Windows Doctor? The name of the software is kinda self-explanatory. Windows Doctor is basically a software program to help fix any problems you might be having with your computer such as registry errors and low disk space. These types of programs are very popular. Some of them though aren't very good. So what about Windows Doctor?

After messing with Windows Doctor, I'm highly impressed by this software. It features a registry cleaner to clean your computer registry, a privacy cleaner, a system booster, and a system security scanner.

The registry cleaner is pretty self-explanatory. The privacy cleaner helps remove history tracks from your computer to protect your privacy. The system booster basically looks for various optimizations you can make to your computer to improve it's performance. And the system security scanner looks for vulnerabilities in your system that you should fix.

Although most people will focus on the registry cleaner, I actually really like the system booster and the security scanner. Sure, the registry cleaner works great, but I think the system booster is really cool and is perfect for computer novices that want some simple advice on changes to make to their system to increase it's performance. I'm also a big fan of the security scanner, since it can help computer novices keep their computer safer.

In short, I really like this software. If you are looking for this type of software to help optimize your PC, definitely give Windows Doctor a look.

Good luck!

Official Website of Windows Doctor

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