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Hey everyone! I am back after a bit of an absence. Things have been pretty crazy. But I proposed to my girlfriend and she accepted! I did it while we were on a recent trip to Chicago. So obviously, I am very happy :)

Anyway... in my absence, I recently came across a few programs that I thought I would take a look at once I get the chance and post a review. One of these such programs is called StopZilla. I have actually heard about StopZilla a lot, but never got around to trying it out. I figured I would go ahead and try it now. So this is my StopZilla review.

First off... what is StopZilla? StopZilla is an anti-spyware program that works to prevent your computer from being infected by Spyware. Stopzilla offers a few different types of protection including real-time protection, regular scans, and pop-up protection.

I spent time trying out StopZilla, and I have been very impressed. To me, StopZilla isn't just a simple spyware scanner, StopZilla is a full system protection package. StopZilla has a lot of different features to help protect your computer. For instance, you have the option of making it so StopZilla stops your BHO's or Toolbars from being changed. This is one of the first things that most spyware programs try to change.

The pop-up protection also performed very well. StopZilla does well at blocking pop-ups but also making sure to let legitimate pop-ups load. I've noticed this being a problem occasionally when using the built-in pop-up blocker with FireFox. So it's nice to see that StopZilla does much better at it.

And finally... the actual spyware protection. The actual spyware protection did really well. Like I mentioned... the protection it provides is top-notch with monitoring key changes to your toolbars and BHO's. In addition though, I found the actual scanner to be very powerful and effective. If something does manage to slip through the real-time protection, you should have no problem in removing it with the scanner.

In closing... I really like StopZilla. I usually don't make too many recommendations when it comes to Anti-Spyware programs. I prefer to stick to using the same few programs. However, StopZilla is definitely a winner and is going to be one of my must have tools from now on.

Good luck!

Official Website of StopZilla

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