Registry Mechanic Review

Hey everyone, back for another review :)

I recently came across this program called Registry Mechanic. As my regular readers know, I often like to review system optimization programs for the computer. I have reviewed many registry cleaners, but hadn't reviewed Registry Mechanic. So I figured I would go ahead and try it out and give my opinion. Consider this my Registry Mechanic review. :)

So what is Registry Mechanic? As I mentioned, Registry Mechanic appears to be a registry cleaner. The purpose of a registry cleaner is to go through your computer registry and fix any errors that are found. Registry errors can be the cause of many different types of computer problems. Because of this, having a registry cleaner can be very important to have.

Anyway, I went ahead and downloaded and installed Registry Mechanic. It was a fairly quick download and installation, so let's get right to trying out the software.

My first thought upon loading Registry Mechanic is that the interface looks really nice. There are no blinding colors or anything like that. The colors are easy on the eyes and all of the features are organized in an easy to use way.

I also looked through Registry Mechanic and noticed that Registry Mechanic has a lot of additional features. This isn't just a Registry Scanner. Registry Mechanic seems more of a full system optimization program. Some of the additional tools include defragging your registry, securely deleting files, protecting your privacy by deleting history tracks, manage your windows services, and more. Registry Mechanic really has a nice set of features.

As far as the registry scanner itself, the scanner performed very well and the results are displayed in an easy to understand way. The errors that are found are sorted into various categories. In addition, next to each error is a priority listing. This way, you know which errors you should let Registry Mechanic fix, and which you should maybe shouldn't bother with.

In short, I'm pretty impressed with Registry Mechanic. The registry cleaner performs well, and the feature list is top-notch. Highly recommended!

Official Website of Registry Mechanic

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