Privacy Eraser Pro Review

Hey everyone, back for a quick review before bed. I decided to try out Privacy Eraser Pro. I had heard about this a lot lately and had seen a few threads on a forum I visit regarding this software. So I figured I would go ahead and try it out and make this a Privacy Eraser Pro review.

What is Privacy Eraser Pro? Privacy Eraser Pro is a software program designed to protect your privacy. This is done through erasing your computer history tracks that are stored on your computer from websites you visit, files you open, etc. A lot of programs claims to delete your computer history. However, many of them do a poor job. So my expectations are low with this software.

I went ahead and downloaded and installed Privacy Eraser Pro. The download and installation was quick and painless, so let's get right to the software.

Upon loading the software, I see the program features at the top with various boxes representing each part of the program. I went through the various features and here are some of my thoughts.

First off... I am impressed at just what all is cleaned with Privacy Eraser Pro. Privacy Eraser Pro cleans every single thing I can think of that is important for protecting your privacy as well as many other things that I hadn't thought of. For instance, I hadn't thought of cleaning the Windows Swap File, but that could be very important.

Another thing I noticed is that the list of plug-ins is huge. There is a list of over 250 free plug-ins that you can use to also clean areas of other programs you might use. For instance there are plug-ins for adobe acrobat reader, Ad-aware, etc. I haven't seen a history cleaner with this many plug-ins.

I noticed Privacy Eraser Pro also supports cleaning your history by overwriting the files. This is very important to protect your privacy. If you simply delete your files, they can later be recovered. By overwriting them, it prevents these files from later being restored. Any true privacy protection software should include this feature and it's great to see it included with Privacy Eraser Pro.

In short, I am really impressed with Privacy Eraser Pro. The list of areas it cleans and the list of plug-ins it has is massive. If you are looking for a program to help clear your computer tracks, then you should definitely give Privacy Eraser Pro a try.

Good luck!

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