Data Recovery Pro Review

Hey everyone :)

I'm just about to go to bed, but I thought I would quickly do a review of a new program I came across. This program is called Data Recovery Pro. So consider this my Data Recovery Pro review. :)

What is Data Recovery Pro? As you might have guessed, it's a Data Recovery program :). Accidentally deleting files you need is a common mistake that many computer users make. Fortunately, it's sometimes possible to recover these files with special software such as Data Recovery Pro.

As my regular readers know, in the past I have reviewed a few data recovery programs. Unfortunately though, I didn't like most of them. They usually performed very poorly and would find very few files that it could recover. So before trying out Data Recovery Pro, I was rather skeptical. But, I went ahead and downloaded and installed Data Recovery Pro. So how is it?

I spent some time with Data Recovery Pro, and honestly, I am pretty impressed by it. I did a full scan of my computer with Data Recovery Pro. I was expecting Data Recovery Pro to find just a few files it could recover. Instead, Data Recovery Pro found over 500 files that it could recover. Image files, music files, etc. Data Recovery Pro found all different types. Some of these files I had deleted weeks ago. Obviously, I was very impressed with the scan results.

However, I noticed the scan time to be a little slow. It took a little while to complete the scan. However, like I mentioned, I had did a full scan. I am guessing that those that might use this to recover key files that they deleted won't mind waiting a few extra minutes if it means recovering the files.

That's about all to say about Data Recovery Pro. It's main purpose is to recover deleted files and it did an excellent job at that when I tried it. If you are looking to recover some of your files, or even to have a program like this around in case you ever need to use it, definitely give Data Recovery Pro a try.

Good luck!

Official Website of Data Recovery Pro

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