DriverSmith Review

Hey everyone! Back after a bit of an absence. Been a bit more busy as of late now that summer has started. But anyway...earlier tonight I came across a new software program thats been released. This software is called DriverSmith. So I decided to do a DriverSmith review.

So what is DriverSmith? DriverSmith is a software program that scans your computer drivers and looks for any outdated drivers and will update them for you. Keeping your drivers updated isn't easy. And to be honest, even the most experienced PC Tech hates dealing with their computer drivers. It can be one of the most boring tasks. Because of this, a program like DriverSmith has a lot of potential. So does it hold up?

I went ahead and downloaded and installed DriverSmith. The installation file is just 1.5Megs, so it's a quick download and installation. With that, let's get right to taking a look at the actual software.

When opening up DriverSmith, I was greeted with a nice looking main menu that was fairly self-explanatory. There were options for the scan, the settings, about the program, etc. It's about what I expected for a program like DriverSmith. Since DriverSmith's big purpose isn't about having a huge list of features, but about maintaining your drivers and making it as simple as possible for you.

Anyway... the main purpose of DriverSmith is the scanner, so I went ahead and ran the DriverSmith scanner. It didn't take too long to scan my computer for outdated drivers, and there was a progress bar showing how much percentage had been complete, so I wasn't clueless about how long the scan would be taking. Once the scan is done, you are taken right to the results.

When DriverSmith displays the results, it shows a list of outdated drivers that was found on your computer. They are separated into different categories that the drivers fall under, such as "Display Adapters", "Network Adapters", etc. This is nicer then simply making a list of all the drivers that are outdated. This would be more confusing and you might not know what these outdated drivers main purpose is.

Anyway, from here, you are free to choose which drivers you want to update. You select the ones you want, and you click to download and install them. From there DriverSmith will download the drivers and install them. Its really handy and I really like this program.

Thats about all I have to say about DriverSmith. It's main purpose is finding outdated drivers and updating them for you and DriverSmith does a great job at this. If you need to update your drivers or you are just looking to maintain them, then definitely give DriverSmith a try.

Good luck!

Official Website of DriverSmith

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