PC Optimizer Pro Review

Hey everyone! Back for another review. :)

I recently came across this program called PC Optimizer Pro. Well actually, I had come across this software in the past. But I decided tonight to go ahead and review it. So consider this my PC Optimizer Pro Review :)

System optimization programs are VERY popular these days. There are so many different software programs claiming to speed up your computer. Figuring out which ones actually work and which aren't can be tricky to the average computer user. The average computer user doesn't want to spend hours and hours researching various programs. They just want to know the basics. Does the software work or not? That's the main question I'm setting out to answer with this review.

I went ahead and downloaded and installed PC Optimizer Pro. The download is quick and easy as was the installation. Even if you are on dial-up it shouldn't be a big problem. With that, let's get to the actual review.

Upon spending some time with PC Optimizer Pro, I am pretty impressed with this software program. As some of you know, I have reviewed many different system optimization programs. Unfortunately, many of them turned out to be junk. But I don't consider PC Optimizer Pro one of them.

PC Optimizer Pro comes with a registry cleaner which I really like. It can be very important to keep your registry clean. If not, your registry can fill up with errors and unneeded entries that slow down your computer. Cleaning your registry is one of the most important steps in optimizing your PC, and I am glad that PC Optimizer Pro includes a Registry Cleaner.

PC Optimizer Pro also came with a file shredder and tracks eraser. The tracks eraser is used for cleaning your internet history which ends up giving you more privacy and freeing up junk from your hard drive. You know... sometimes when people are out of hard drive space, the first thing they do is start deleting their programs. I tell them though, first delete your internet history! You would be surprised how much space you can save from cleaning your internet tracks. This is definitely another crucial step in optimizing your PC.

The file shredder overwrites files you delete multiple times. This makes it so that it is much harder to recover the files after they have been deleted. For instance, if you have any sensitive documents with your banking information, you definitely would want to use the file shredder so that some nosy person can't recover your file and steal your information later on.

Also, another thing I really liked about PC Optimizer Pro is that it comes with a program uninstaller. This helps you to uninstall unneeded programs on your computer. You may be wondering why you need something like this since Windows comes with Add/Remove programs. Unfortunately though, Windows Add/Remove Programs can be very buggy and not always completely remove the software. Using this uninstall program feature with PC Optimizer Pro is definitely a better alternative then the Windows Add/Remove program.

In all, that about wraps up my review. I really liked PC Optimizer Pro and I think it does a great job at cleaning and optimizing your PC. If you are looking for a system optimization program, definitely give PC Optimizer Pro a look.

Good luck!

Official Website of PC Optimizer Pro

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