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I'm getting ready for bed but I came across a really interesting Website Design course online. It is called Website Design Mastery. I thought it looked really interesting, and since I am in the web business, I decided I would go ahead and take a look at Website Design Mastery and give my thoughts on it. Consider this a Website Design Mastery review. :)

Website Design is a very popular topic these days. The bookstores are filled with dozens of books, there are hundreds of courses online, and thousands of videos on the internet. Unfortunately, a lot of this information can be very confusing or just plain inaccurate. Knowing this, I was pretty skeptical going into my review of Web Design Mastery, but, I went ahead and looked through this course.

So... after looking at this course... how do I feel about it? Honestly... I am really impressed with the information that is included in this course. This is not just a simple 100 page e-book. This is a large collection of information. I counted around 14-15 different e-book files all packaged into this one course. This course covers everything. Planning your website, HTML, Web Hosting, FTP, Javascript, CSS, etc. Like I said, this is very in-depth. If you are wanting to learn the in's and out's of web design in just a few pages, then you are going to be disappointed here. But you will be disappointed in general, because there is no way everything can be taught in just a few pages. I'm glad that Web Design Mastery did not leave anything to the imagination.

Another thing I really liked is 12 videos that are included in this course on HTML. All together, it's well over 2 hours of information, and the videos are very useful. The HTML Meta Tags video is especially nice.

Also... one other thing I liked is that this course includes a large number of bonuses. I noticed an HTML editor that was included in the bonuses, also there were 100+ templates, so it's definitely nice to see those included.

But yeah... in all I think this is a really great Web Design course. If you have any interest in learning Web Design, then I highly recommend this course. Good luck!

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