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Hey everyone! Back for another post... :) And for this post I actually decided I would go ahead and do another review. However this review is going to be a bit different. Usually whenever I do reviews, I do reviews on system utility programs or software like it. This time though, I am going to do a review on a Computer Monitoring Software called Supreme Spy. So consider this my Supreme Spy review. :)

For those of you wondering what exactly Supreme Spy is... basically Supreme Spy is a program that can be used to monitor your PC and track what all happens. This can be very useful if you have kids for instance. Many parents are worried about what their children might be up to on the internet. Software like Supreme Spy will tell them everything that is going on while their children are on the internet.

Now... is something like this okay to use on your computer without your kids knowing? That could turn into quite the debate. But I am not here to give my opinion on that. That decision is up to the parent. I am just doing this review for those that might be interested in this.

So anyway... I went ahead and spent some time with Supreme Spy. Honestly... I was pretty impressed with it. There were a few things I noticed.

First off... Supreme Spy records a lot. Supreme Spy records keystrokes, e-mails, programs used, websites visited, etc. If you are wondering what all your children are doing on the internet, you will definitely get the answer with a program like Supreme Spy and it's feature list.

I noticed that Supreme Spy has the option of e-mailing the logs to an e-mail address. This could be very useful. For instance... if you are at work and your children are home, you could be e-mailed the logs to Supreme Spy and you could find out from work what all your children have been up to. That can be very convinient.

Also I should note, Supreme Spy can take screenshots of your screen as well. So not only are you reading simple logs of what all is going on, but you can also see actual screenshots taken of your computer and what all your children were seeing. It's a much more visual way to get an idea of what all was going on. Very impessive...

Like I said... whether it's okay to use software like this is up to the parent. But if you are considering using software like this to keep your children safe on the internet, I highly recommend you check out Supreme Spy.

Good luck!

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