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Ok, it's time to do another review! As regular readers of this blog know, I usually focus on system utility programs when it comes to reviews. However lately I have decided to look at other types of software to review. I recently came across a program called SpyRecon. I thought it looked interesting so I decided to do a SpyRecon review.

A lot of you may be wondering what SpyRecon is. Basically, SpyRecon is a spy software designed to be used to spy on your children (or spouse). Now... I'm not going to get into the debate on if something like this is ok to use or not. Legally... you can only use it on your own computer of course. But should you use software like this on your kids? As a parent, that is your call. Some parents are worried about the dangers of the internet, and so they decide to install software like this to make sure their kids stay safe. It's your call though since you know your children better than anyone.

So anyway... continuing on with my review. I went ahead and spent some time with SpyRecon. Here are some of my thoughts I have about it...

First off... wow... this software records a lot of information. This isn't just a simple keystroke monitor. Besides logging keystrokes, SpyRecon also monitors login names and passwords, IM conversations, URL's, etc. If you are worried that your children might be up to something on the internet, this software should definitely help you find out what's going on with all of what it tracks.

I noticed some other additional features. For instance, you can have it run secretly in the background so your kids don't know. You can have it run at startup when you turn on the computer. You can send logs with the program to any e-mail address. It also takes screenshots of the screen, so you can see visually exactly how things looked. Like I said... this software tracks a lot.

Anyway... I don't really have much else to say about SpyRecon. It's got a very impressive feature list. Like I said before... I'm not going to get into the debate of if something like this is ok to use or not. That is up to the parent. But if you are a parent and you've made the decision that you need a piece of software like SpyRecon to help keep your kids safe, then I definitely recommend you check this out.

Good luck!

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