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Hey everyone! It's 1AM and I can't sleep. You know what that means... time for another review. lol :). I recently came across this program called PrivacyControl. PrivacyControl appears to be an internet usage tracks remover. So I figured I would go ahead and check it out and do a PrivacyControl review.

Protecting your privacy is obviously something that you need to focus on. Most advanced internet users are aware that when they visit websites, the history of their web browsing is saved. It is generally a good idea though to delete this history. This isn't just to protect your privacy, but also to free up disk space. So how do you go about deleting your usage tracks? You can do it manually, or you can use a program to do it for you. That's where PrivacyControl comes in.

I took a look at PrivacyControl and I was very impressed by all the usage tracks it cleans. Although it's not a full system optimization programs, for it's purpose, it does a great job at it. PrivacyControl will clear a lot of usage tracks, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Messengers, P2P programs, e-mail programs, etc. PrivacyControl does a great job of making sure to delete your usage tracks.

Also... one other thing I liked about PrivacyControl is that it includes a secure erase. This involves overwriting the files it deletes multiple times so that they can't be recovered. If you are worried about your privacy, then that is definitely a must. Great to see it included with PrivacyControl.

Anyway, in wrapping this review up, I'm going to go ahead and recommend PrivacyControl. If you are looking for software to remove your usage tracks, then definitely give PrivacyControl a look. Good luck!

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