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Hey everyone, back for another post, and another review actually! As regular readers know, I usually do reviews about system cleaners and system optimization programs. However, this time I am going to do a review about a a piece of software called PC Pandora. PC Pandora is a computer monitoring software designed to be used on your computer when your children use it. I have actually done a review of a couple other similar programs, but I thought I would go ahead and take a look at PC Pandora and do a PC Pandora Review.

First off... I am not going to get into the debate of if using software like this is appropriate or not. That is up to the parent to decide, and this is something I have mentioned before. As a parent, if you feel you should use something like this then that is your choice. I am just using this review to tell you if I think PC Pandora is a good piece of software or not.

Anyway... I went ahead and took a look at PC Pandora and spent some time with it. First thing I have to say is wow... PC Pandora does a really excellent job at monitoring your PC. If your kids were ever up to anything, I think you would easily be able to find out. I noticed that PC Pandora includes Web Surfing recording, Keystroke recording, Chat Messenger recording, E-mail recording, P2P recording, Webcam Capture, etc. In short, PC Pandora seems to pretty much record everything.

I also noticed some other features included with PC Pandora. For instance, you can make a list of websites to block. There is chat control blocking. You can also password protect the program. Also of course, like most PC monitoring programs, PC Pandora includes a stealth option so that it can run without ever being detected by your kids. You also have the option though of telling your kids up front and not using the stealth option. Also... you can have the reports sent to your e-mail if you happen to be away.

One other note, PC Pandora appears to have really excellent tech support. There is e-mail support, Livechat support, Online help, and an FAQ. So if you have any problems, you should be able to get them sorted out quickly.

In all, for it's use, I think PC Pandora is a great program. It's not something I plan to use, but for parents looking for a type of software like this, I definitely give two thumbs up for PC Pandora.

Good luck!

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