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Hey everyone I'm back! I really need to try to update more often lol. It's been a crazy few weeks. From lots of car trouble to falling in love. Life is crazy sometimes lol :). Anyway... hopefully things will start to get back to normal and I can go back to regularly updating.

Anyway, for this post I am going to go ahead and do a SecureUninstaller Review. Lately the issue with having trouble removing software is becoming more and more common. More and more software programs are also popping up that attempt to fix these issues. SecureUninstaller is another such program that was recently released. So I am going to go ahead and do a review. :)

Before I started writing this post, I went ahead and quickly downloaded and installed SecureUninstaller. It was a quick and painless download and installation. Even if you use dial-up, you shouldn't have a problem with downloading SecureUninstaller.

Ok, let's get right to looking at SecureUninstaller. I went ahead and opened up SecureInstaller. SecureUninstaller has a really nice interface. It's very clean and very simple. On the left are 3 buttons, Program List, Restore Programs, and Settings. They are fairly self-explanatory.

One feature I noticed that I really liked is in the settings section. Basically, you can choose how thorough you want SecureUninstaller to remove a piece of software. There is a Standard Uninstall, a Complete Uninstall, and a Thorough Uninstall. Here are the differences between them.

Standard Uninstall - Removes the program using Windows Add/Remove Program Manager.

Complete Uninstall - Uninstalls the software and scans parts of your computer where programs often leave leftover tracks to fully remove the software including leftover tracks.

Thorough Uninstall - Like a Complete Uninstall, however, it scans even deeper then the Complete Uninstall on your computer to fully remove the piece of software.

Anyway, I am going to go ahead and wrap up this review. In short, I think SecureUninstaller is a really cool program. SecureUninstaller does a great job at removing software on your computer. It's also the first uninstaller I've seen that offers multiple uninstall options. Wanting to remove a small simple program? Just go with the Standard or Complete Uninstall. Wanting to remove a monster program like America Online? Then you have the Thorough Option. If only Windows offered you these options.

Highly recommended! Good luck!

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