Registry Corrector Review

And I'm back :-D. You know... I recently realized that I am now into year 3 of this blog. I started this in 2008. I want to thank all my readers who have continued to support me. You guys are the best. :-D

Anyway... for this post I decided I am going to go ahead and do a Registry Corrector Review. Registry Corrector is a new Registry Cleaner I came across. And since I have reviewed dozens and dozens of programs since I started this blog, why not review Registry Corrector? :)

I went ahead and quickly downloaded and installed Registry Corrector. The installation was painless (as it should be) and so let's get right to taking a look at Registry Corrector.

Upon loading Registry Corrector, I noticed that it has a pretty nice interface. It looks very clean and professional. It's simple, yet it seems to have a lot of additional features. The usual features like a Registry Cleaner and Evidence Cleaner are here. But there are also some additional features that I don't usually come across. For instance I notice a feature to block harmful ActiveX plugins from getting on your system. That is something that more system utility programs should really be including. It's great to see that it comes included with Registry Corrector. Also, I see features to backup your computer drivers, internet favorites, etc. This is the first time that I can recall that I have come across a Registry Cleaner that includes this. I like that. Anyway, here is the full feature list from what I have seen:

Registry Cleaner
Evidence Cleaner
Junk Cleaner
Windows Corrector
System Corrector
Internet Explorer Corrector
File Shredder
Memory Optimizer
PC Optimizer
Startup Wizard
Uninstall Wizard
Backup Registry
Backup Favorites
Backup Drivers
System Restore

As you can see, it's a fairly big feature list. Registry Corrector comes across to me as not just a Registry Cleaner, but a full system optimization program. Very impressive.

So how do the actual features themselves do? They seem to perform very well. All of the features that I tried performed very well. The Registry Cleaner did a great job at finding Registry Errors.

Anyway, Ill go ahead and wrap this review up. In short, I really like Registry Corrector and I recommend my readers check it out. If your computer is acting kinda slow or you just want to keep it optimized, definitely check this out.

Good luck!

Download Link:

Registry Corrector Official Website

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