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As more and more registry cleaners and system optimization tools are released, the program names get more and more interesting. I'm not exactly sure how the company came up with the name of this program called PC Darling, however I have decided I am going to check it out and review this product. Consider this a PC Darling Review. :-D

Ok. I went ahead and downloaded and installed PC Darling. Thankfully it was quick and painless. If only more software was like that :-D. But let's get right to the program itself.

Upon opening PC Darling, my first impression was that it looks like PC Darling has a lot of additional features. This is a good thing of course. The interface is also really nice. Compare that to the last Registry Cleaner I reviewed which was absolutely horrible and looked like it was designed in the early 90's lol. But yeah... as far as the interface PC Darling looks really nice.

Now to the additional features that I just mentioned. Here is a list of features I see with PC Darling: Registry Cleaner, Evidence Cleaner, Junk Cleaner, File Shredder, Patch & Update, Startup Manager, Uninstall Manager, System Optimizer, Service Optimizer, Memory Optimizer, BHO Manager, and Backup. As you can see, it's a pretty impressive feature list. Here are my experiences with each feature...

Registry Cleaner - The Registry Cleaner is pretty self-explanatory. It cleans your Registry which is probably what most people are looking to use PC Darling for. After running the Registry Cleaner, it found a higher then normal amount of errors when compared to other Registry Cleaners I've tried. I really liked this Registry Cleaner.

Evidence Cleaner - Goes through your computer and removes internet tracks, leftover instant message logs, etc. Fairly simple feature, yet very useful if you worry about your privacy.

Junk Cleaner - Similar to the Evidence Cleaner, except it just looks for junk files to remove. These junk files will mostly consist of .tmp files or read me files. Worked good for me.

File Shredder - This feature overwrites files multiple times before deleting them. This is for if you are especially worried about your privacy. For instance, if you want to remove a file with your credit card information, you can use this feature so that someone that's nosy couldn't recover this file with your credit card information.

Patch & Update - Scans for the latest Windows Patches. It's nice that this was included, however I still prefer just using Internet Explorer to get my Windows Patches.

Startup Manager - Gives you a list of programs set to run when you turn on the computer. That way you can disable unneeded programs and speed up the time it takes to load Windows. Fairly simple and straight forward.

Uninstall Manager - Gives you a list of programs that are installed on your computer and lets you remove any programs you don't like. Basically the same as Windows Add/Remove Program Manager.

System Optimizer - Gives you a list of various aspects of your computer that you can optimize. For example, do you want your desktop to have the best appearance possible? Or would you prefer it runs as quick as possible? System Optimizer has that list to choose from.

Service Optimizer - Gives you a list of services that run on your computer that you can disable. I recommend this only for advanced users. If you are new to computers, I would stay away from this feature. It's nice that this feature is included for more advanced users though. I've never seen this feature included in a Registry Cleaner.

Memory Optimizer - Gives you the option to free up memory by defragging your memory. Nice feature to include.

Backup - Lets you backup changes you make to the computer with PC Darling.

Anyway, in wrapping up this review, I really like PC Darling if you haven't noticed. I admit, I was a bit skeptical of this software because of it's name. But there is no reason to be skeptical, PC Darling is a powerful program that will help you optimize and speed up your PC. Have fun!

Good luck!

Download Link:

PC Darling Official Website

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