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Well... before I start this review. I just wanted to let all my readers know I am going to be going on a vacation here soon. It will only be for a week though, so I'll be back to posting soon :).

Before I go on vacation however I thought I would do one more review. A friend recently sent me a link to this software product called FixCleaner. He asked me if I would recommend the software. Since I hadn't tried it out, I told him I would go ahead and try FixCleaner and give him my opinion. But after taking a look at FixCleaner, I decided I would go ahead and also type up a review for this blog. So consider this a FixCleaner Review. :)

Well first off... some of you might be wondering, "What is FixCleaner?" FixCleaner is basically a system optimization program. It's main purpose is to optimize your PC and keep it up to speed. A lot of programs claim to do this, and as my readers know, I have reviewed a lot of these different types of program. Most of them I find to be useless and make very little difference with your computer. So going into looking at FixCleaner, I wasn't very optimistic about it. However, after messing around awhile with FixCleaner, I came out very impressed.

My first impression upon looking at FixCleaner was that it had quite the list of features. FixCleaner has numerous different tools when it comes to optimizing your PC. Here is the full list of tools that come with FixCleaner:

Registry Cleaner
PC Optimizer
Startup Manager
Uninstall Manager
Repair Errors
Optimize Memory
Disk Defrag
Optimize Internet
Clean ActiveX
Re-Register ActiveX
Software Updater
Remove Privacy Data
Junk Cleaner
BHO Manager

As you can see, it's a pretty impressive feature list. I had went through and tried out each individual tool. One thing I really liked was the Optimize Memory feature. The Optimize Feature basically works to Optimize your current RAM usage to free up RAM. This is a really nice tool and in my opinion should come with every computer.

Another tool I liked is the Disk Defrag. Some of you may be wondering what the point is of using the FixCleaner Defrag when Windows comes with a Disk Defrag. However, just because both are Disk Defrag programs doesn't mean they work the same way. I personally found FixCleaners Disk Defrag to perform better then the Windows Disk Defrag.

Other tools that I also really liked were the Registry Cleaner which helps clean up your computer registry. The startup manager is also nice, this tool lets you manage the items that run when you turn on the computer. Seriously, this is one of the most important tools you can have. If you have 20 things running when you turn on the computer, it's no surprise that your computer might take 20 minutes to load. You can change your startup items in Windows, but it's a rather difficult process. Thankfully this tool makes that task MUCH easier.

Like I said though, I really liked every single tool that FixCleaner came with and they all performed well. The only tool that you might not NEED to use is the "remove privacy data", as this is more so geared towards those who are concerned about their privacy.

In conclusion, I'm really glad I checked out FixCleaner and I find it to be an impressive program of tools to help you speed up your computer. I initially took a look at FixCleaner just to help a friend, but in addition to him using it now, I'm going to use FixCleaner as well. Highly recommended!

Download Link:

FixCleaner Official Website

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