PC MedKit Review

Ok, before I go to bed I thought I'd take a look at this new program that was released. This program is called PC MedKit, so I am going to do a PC MedKit Review.

Now honestly, I have tried out wayyyy too many PC Optimization programs lol. But I am kinda excited to check out PC MedKit. You might be wondering why that is. Well... PC MedKit was created by the same company that created the popular "Driver Robot" software. I reviewed Driver Robot a few months back and absolutely loved it. So I have high expectations for this PC MedKit software.

Real quick though, I should probably explain what PC MedKit is for those of you who aren't clear what it is. PC MedKit (appears to be) another program that helps to optimize your PC. This is usually done through cleaning up your registry, your files, etc. Like I mentioned, i've reviewed a lot of these programs. So it takes a lot to impress me lol. Anyway, onto trying out PC MedKit....

I went ahead and downloaded and installed PC MedKit. It was a quick installation, so let's get right to the software.

Upon loading PC MedKit, I'm pretty impressed by how it look. It's got a very high-tech blue look. Also on the left it lists some information about your computer such as the amount of ram, processor, etc. It's got a nice layout.

At the top, you will find buttons that take you to some of the other features of this program. For instance, there is a startup manager, services manager, processes manager, and PC Health.

I was curious what PC Health was so I took a look. It basically has bar charts showing you things such as your current ram usage, CPU Usage, and number of processes. It's interesting to look at.

But yeah, now we come to the Registry Cleaner. This is the main feature of PC MedKit. After scanning my computer with the Registry Cleaner, I was very impressed with it. The Registry Cleaner found a LOT of Registry Errors. More then most other Registry Cleaners found.

Anyway, in all I am pretty impressed with PC MedKit. If you want a powerful Registry Cleaner, then I'd give PC MedKit a look.

Good luck!

Official Website Of PC MedKit

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