Wizard Uninstaller Review

Time to do another review. This time I'm going to do a Wizard Uninstaller review.

So what is Wizard Uninstaller? Wizard Uninstaller looks to be a program that will help you uninstall programs on your computer. Some people might be wondering why download something like that when Windows comes with Add/Remove Programs. The answer though is that Add/Remove Programs isn't always effective. Sometimes it has a hard time removing programs. In addition I've found some programs installed to not even be listed. Wizard Uninstaller is for when you are having a hard time removing programs.

I went ahead and downloaded and installed Wizard Uninstaller. Thankfully it's a quick download and installation.

Anyway, upon opening Wizard Uninstaller. You basically see the list of programs on your computer that you can uninstall. There are multiple ways to sort the list of programs. For instance, you can sort them by size, publisher, etc. There is also a search feature. Oh how I wish Add/Remove Programs had that.

I should note, Wizard Uninstaller also features a 1-click uninstall. So you can quickly and easily uninstall programs you don't need. I really like this feature especially.

Well, that's about all I really have to say about Wizard Uninstaller. I really like it. I've reviews a couple other program uninstallers, and I think Wizard Uninstaller is my favorite. So if you are looking for something to replace Add/Remove programs, consider checking out Wizard Uninstaller.

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Wizard Uninstaller

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