TidySongs Review

You know, with my reviews, I focus so often on various system utilities for your computer. For this review though, I'm going to take a break and do a review about TidySongs. TidySongs is some software I recently came across and I thought it was really promising. So here is my TidySongs Review.

What is TidySongs? TidySongs is basically software that will help you with organizing your songs. It can be difficult keeping your music organized. Often times the artists or titles in your song files will be misspelled, inaccurate or even completely missing. In addition, your song files may be missing album art, genre information, etc.

Now, this is where TidySongs comes in. TidySongs will help you add album art, rename genres, remove duplicates, fix spelling errors, etc. It's a really handy tool.

One thing I noticed is that TidySongs has it's own online database. That is how TidySongs goes about fixing your songs. The song is searched for in the TidySongs online database, and then the data is downloaded to fix your song information. It's simple, but very effective.

Also, one thing I really liked was the option to have TidySongs fix your songs all at once. That way instead of going song by song, you can simple have TidySongs fix all of your songs while you sleep or go to work. It's so much easier then fixing your music manually. And it's a lot better then iTunes and other music players attempts to fix your song files.

But yeah, in wrapping this up, I can't say enough about TidySongs. I absolutely love it, and if any of the readers are music lovers, this is a must-have in my opinion. Good luck!

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