WinClear Review

I had the chance to check out WinClear. And I must say, I absolutely love this software. Let me explain why in this WinClear Review.

One of the easiest ways to free up disk space these days is by clearing up your junk files on your computer. Unfortunately, a lot of people forget to do this these days. In addition, even if you do this, you usually won't get all of the junk files. Clearing your Temporary Internet Files just doesn't get all of them, what about your regular Temp Files? What about MRU's? Etc. Truthfully, it would take a long time to manually go through and clean up your junk files. That's where WinClear comes in.

WinClear basically does all of this for you. It scans your computer for junk files and then goes about deleting them. In addition, it also cleans Registry Streams, Windows Fragmented Files, Auto Complete Data, and even the Index.Dat file which is extremely difficult to delete manually since it's locked.

One thing I also like about WinClear is the FileShredder. What this does is basically overwrite the data multiple times before deleting it. This is perfect for those worried about their privacy or companies that want to make sure company info doesn't fall into the wrong hands, etc. Think of it like before throwing out a piece of paper, you take a pen and draw over it a bunch of times. That's what this is like. Very cool.

In all, like I said, I really like WinClear and figured I would go ahead and do a post about it. If you are looking to protect your privacy or just even want to clear up some free space on your computer, I highly recommend checking WinClear out. Good luck!

Once more, here is the link to download WinClear.

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