RegZooka Review

I swear, I have tried a million different Registry Cleaners lol. Now I know how it must feel to be an ice cream taster and get sick of Ice Cream. Except you aren't supposed to enjoy running Registry Cleaners, or are you? :)

Anyway, time to do a RegZooka Regiew. RegZooka is another Registry Cleaner. RegZooka's website makes the usual claims about it improving your computer performance. It's time to find out how it does though. I went ahead and installed RegZooka.

Ok, I went ahead and tested RegZooka out. It's not a bad program. The Registry Cleaner did well, in addition, RegZooka also has a nice Registry Defrag and a Startup Manager. Registry Defrag is quickly becoming one of the more necessary features needed these days and a Startup Manager is easily one of the biggest ways to improve your PC start time. It's nice to see that RegZooka has both.

I should also note, the RegZooka website has an icon up acknowledging that they are accredited by the BBB. That is a great reassurance to have for customers. Too many software companies these days pop up overnight and try to scam you. It's nice to see that this company has been around a few years.

In all, if you are looking for a good Registry Cleaner, you may want to check this one out. Good luck!

In case you missed it, here is the download link.

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