Registry Convoy Review

Another post, another day, another registry cleaner. I've reviewed way too many. :). Although I guess that means I'm experienced at it, and that's always good I guess. :)

This registry cleaner is called Registry Convoy. From the looks of the website, Registry Convoy appears to be your typical Registry Cleaner. Unfortunately, I didn't see many other additional features listed. I'm hoping there are some though with Registry Convoy.

Ok, time to download and install Registry Convoy. The installation file was really small, just 1.36MB. That's gotta be a record for smallest Registry Cleaner installation file. lol. But at least that means it will download really quick even on dial-up connections.

Anyway, I'm now looking at the main window of Registry Convoy. Unfortunately, I'm not very impressed from looking at the main window. I don't really see any additional features. It appears this is just a Registry Cleaner and nothing more. Considering most Registry Cleaners include other additional tools, I'm really disappointed that Registry Convoy doesn't have additional features.

As far as the Registry Cleaner itself, it seemed to perform alright. It wasn't spectacular, but it wasn't bad either.

In conclusion, I'm not very impressed with Registry Convoy. Like I said, it doesn't have that many additional features, and I consider that a big thing with Registry Cleaners. If you are just looking for a Registry Cleaner then maybe you'd like Registry Convoy, otherwise though, go ahead and pass on this software.

Once more, here is the link to download Registry Convoy in case you are interested.

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