RegGenie Review

Another day, another review. This time I am going to do a RegGenie Review. :)

If you don't know what RegGenie is, RegGenie is another Registry Cleaner that is available on the market. RegGenie claims to have the usual features, so let's just get right to the chase and download it.

I went ahead and downloaded and installed RegGenie. The download was just 3.1MB. So even if you use Dial-Up, the download and installation shouldn't take more then just a few minutes. So anyway, with that, I am going to go ahead and open RegGenie.

Ok, First thing I notice with RegGenie is that it does appear to focus mostly on your Computer Registry. It doesn't look like there are a lot of other tools, it just goes straight to fixing your computer errors by going to the computer registry. However, RegGenie does include a Registry Defrag which is a nice feature and not all other Registry Cleaners include that.

Also I should note that a Startup Manager does come with RegGenie as well, but that's about it as far as additional tools.

Anyway, I went ahead and tested the features. The Registry Scanner performed very well and found a lot of errors. I am impressed. And like I said, the Registry Defrag is also a nice feature that I like.

I should also note, RegGenie features a Registry Backup. That way if you are worried about RegGenie making changes to your Computer Registry, you can back up the Registry before hand and completely undo any of the changes RegGenie makes. So don't worry about giving RegGenie control of your Registry like that.

In all, I think I will go ahead and recommend RegGenie. It may not have all of the features that other System Optimization programs have, but for a Registry Cleaner, RegGenie seems like a nice choice. Good luck!

Here is the link to download RegGenie.

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