PDF Generator Pro Review

Wanted to quickly make a post about some software I just came across. This software is called PDF Generator Pro.

You can probably guess what PDF Generator Pro does just by it's name. But if you can't figure it out, PDF Generator Pro will help you create PDF files! Surprise surprise. :)

Although not a lot of people need to create PDF's, there are some people that do. And after taking a look at PDF Generator Pro, I highly recommend this software for those that do in fact need to create PDF's.

In addition to helping you to easily create PDF's, a couple of the features I especially liked with PDF Generator Pro was the option to create other file formats (PNG's, JPEG's, etc) and the option to encrypt your PDF files. I'm guessing large businesses would especially like that feature.

The only downside is the video demonstration on the PDF Generator Pro website. Yikes! lol. The audio is horrible. :)

Ah well... I still like PDF Generator Pro and I highly recommend it. Good luck!

Once more, here is the download link.

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