PC Booster Review

I was given the opportunity to check out this new program called PC Booster. Because of that, I decided I would go ahead and do a really short PC Booster Review.

I must say, I really like PC Booster. PC Booster seems to have all of the features of a typical system optimization program. Automatic Tuneup, Auto-recover your memory, Boost Your Internet Speed, Clean up Junk Files, etc. It's got a really nice feature list.

One thing I should also mention that I noticed is if you buy PC Booster soon, they will throw in a couple bonuses. One of them was some type of special report for making your PC even faster, the other bonus was an internet radio player I think. I'm not sure though cause I didn't get a chance to look at it. I considered mentioning this deal only in my newsletter but I figured what the hell and thought I'd mention it now.

Either way, I recommend checking out PC Booster if you have a slow computer. Good luck!

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