One Click Privacy Review

"Don't Get Caught With Your Digital Pants Down!" That was the main thing I saw when I visited the website of this product called One Click Privacy. I'm sorry, but that is absolutely hilarious. Because that caught my eye, I'm going to go ahead and use this post to do a One Click Privacy Review. :)

One Click Privacy is basically a History Cleaner. It's main purpose is to clear your computer tracks. There may be multiple reasons you would want to do this. Maybe you don't want your boss knowing what you were doing on the computer. Or maybe you don't want the spouse to know. Hey, I'm not here to judge. :)

I went ahead and took a look at One Click Privacy. The download is very small, so it should be no problem even for dial-up users.

Anyway, On the main window I see four buttons on the left. Scan, Options, Shred, and Report. They are pretty self-explanatory. Scan is the actual History Cleaner. Options are the program Options. Shred is a file shredder to overwrite files multiple times before deleting them, and Report is past Scan results.

As far as the History Cleaner itself, it seems to perform fairly well. It got all the usual areas for cleaning your tracks. It even erases Instant Messaging files and VoIP files.

In all, One Click Privacy seems like a pretty good program if you need it. I recommend it. That website headline though still takes the cake. lol :)

Once more, here is the link to download One Click Privacy.

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