MemAgent Review

Ok, time to take a break from reviewing Registry Cleaners. I'm going to review another program I came across. This program is called MemAgent, so yep, time for a MemAgent Review. :-D

Basically, MemAgent is a Memory Optimizer Software. If you are low on RAM, you know how frustrating it can be for your computer to slow down. MemAgent looks to fix that by freeing up RAM.

So how does MemAgent do? It seems to do pretty well actually. Not only that though, but MemAgent also attempts to improve your net connection, clean your temp files, Optimize Windows Settings, Defrag Windows, and other processes through it's software. It also seems pretty simple to use, something that is important so that even those not into computers will be able to use it.

Overall, I recommend checking out the MemAgent website and seeing if you think it's for you. Good luck!

In case you missed it, here is the site link again.

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