Imagic Photo Review

You know, I've reviewed a lot of products on this blog. But I'm not sure if I've reviewed any type of image programs. I guess there's a first time for everything. :)

For this post I will go ahead and do an Imagic Photo review. At first looking it, Imagic Photo looked to be a basic program for editing your images.

Upon checking it out though, I was pretty impressed by Imagic Photo. It has settings to change the lighting, exposure, saturation, etc. It's basically an easy way to fix up your photos. I guess what I like the most about Imagic Photo is the simplicity. Personally, for years I have used Paint Shop Pro for photo editing, but I know that going over and teaching Grandma how to fix her pictures with Paint Shop Pro would be kind of difficult (and costly buying Paint Shop Pro for her). Imagic Photo seems to be a nice alternative.

If you already have Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop or any other big photo editor, then you shouldn't bother with Imagic Photo. But if you don't have any photo editor and you are looking to easily edit your photos, you may want to give Imagic Photo a try.

Once more, here is the link.

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