Final Uninstaller Review

Time for a Final Uninstaller Review.

I took a look once at Total Uninstaller, so I figure why not look at Final Uninstaller. They have similar names, and they are very similar programs. The purpose of Final Uninstaller is to uninstall programs on your computer. Maybe you are having a hard time removing a program, or maybe the uninstaller isn't cleaning up all of the program. Either way, that's where Final Uninstaller comes in.

As far as the download itself. It's pretty small. The installer is just 2.5MB. Then again, for these system utility type of programs, they usually aren't very big.

I am now looking at the main interface. There are two tabs at the top. There is remnants, and installed programs. You can pretty much guess what each of those mean.

Anyway, I went ahead and spent some time looking around on Final Uninstaller. Here are a couple cool things I've found.

- On the remnants screen, you can scan for remnants of programs on your computer. Then you can view detailed information of all of the files and registry keys left behind from a previously uninstalled program.

- If an uninstallation has failed, there is an option in the program to submit the program for review to the creators of Final Uninstaller, so they can fix it and provide a program update. Now that's some nice customer service.

Overall, I'm impressed with Final Uninstaller. If you are looking for good program uninstaller, I highly recommend checking this program out. Good luck!

Once more, here's the link to download Final Uninstaller.

Edit (August 2009): Final Uninstaller is now being offered in a software bundle called Aca Utilities with 14 other programs for the price of 1. I highly recommend spending the extra bit of money to receive the other programs.

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