Evidence Nuker Review

Some of these programs have such scary sounding names lol. Anyway, time to do an Evidence Nuker Review.

You can probably already guess what Evidence Nuker does. It cleans your junk files on your computer. There are a few highlights on the Evidence Nuker website lol. Among them, a testimonial from a women who used Evidence Nuker to hide her cybersex activity, and an Evidence Nuker July challenge that challenges you to try the product and see if there are less then 100 items found. I could clean my history and then do that challenge, but I really don't care enough too :).

Anyway, as far as Evidence Nuker itself, it's got all the usual features of a program for cleaning your tracks. It cleans your Internet Browsing history, Recent Documents, Run History, Recycle Bin, etc. It covers all of the usual areas. In addition, I like the file shredder it includes for overwriting files before deleting them, making it difficult for recovery software to recover the files you deleted. Overall, Evidence Nuker seems to perform very well.

Anyway, If you are really concerned about your privacy, you may want to check this program out. It seems to be one of the better evidence cleaners. Good luck!

Once more, here's the link to download Evidence Nuker.

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