ErrorFix Review

Time to do another review. I came across this software called ErrorFix and of course figured I had to do an ErrorFix review for this blog. :)

Anyway, looking at the ErrorFix website, it appears that ErrorFix is another Registry Cleaner that is on the market. Based on the website though, ErrorFix looks pretty impressive. It looks like it has a lot of features. Anyway, it's time to download and install it.

Ok, I went ahead and downloaded and installed ErrorFix. There were multiple versions, so I went ahead and installed the full ErrorFix version. The download was just 3MB, so it was a fairly quick download and installation, so now it's time to open ErrorFix.

Ok, I now am looking at ErrorFix. Wow, I see a lot of features. There is the Registry Cleaner, Junk Files cleaner, Evidence cleaner, PC Optimizer, Block Bad Active X feature, Error Repair, Re-register Active X, Tweak Memory, Smart Disk Defrag, Optimize Internet, Update Windows, Startup Manager, BHO Manager etc. This is quite a feature list and I'm very impressed.

I went ahead and looked at some of the tools with ErrorFix and they all performed very well. I especially love the Block Bad Active X Feature. What that basically does is block bad Active X files from installing onto your system. It's basically a way to prevent a lot of different types of spyware from getting onto your system. Nice.

The Tweak Memory feature is also nice. It lets you free up a lot of RAM on your system.

In all, I really like ErrorFix and I'm glad I tried it out. Although it's marketed as a Registry Cleaner, it's much more then that and seems to be a full system optimization program. ErrorFix looks like the perfect tool for keeping your computer up to speed. I highly recommend it. Good luck!

Once more, here is the link.

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