Duplicate File Cleaner Review

Another review. This time I'm going to do a Duplicate File Cleaner Review.

You know... I really wish I had came across this software a few days ago. I recently had to backup my files and reinstall Windows XP. It took forever to back everything up. I really should have came across this program earlier and removed some of the duplicate files that I'm sure I backed up. Ah well... :) Anyway... onto the review.

Duplicate File Cleaner is exactly what it sounds like. Duplicate File Cleaner goes through your hard drive and looks for duplicate files, that way you can remove them and store disk space. Everyone always focuses on cleaning your history to clean up disk space, but not too many people decide to try cleaning duplicate files. So this is a great idea in my opinion.

Anyway, the Duplicate File Cleaner install is small, just over 1MB. So it's a quick download and installation. So let's get right to opening the program.

Upon opening Duplicate File Cleaner, I see a few buttons at the top. Basic, Outlook, Music, Pictures, etc. They are basically buttons that take you to the scanning options to scan for duplicate files of different types. For instance, when it comes to pictures, you have the option of looking for picture files of the same byte size. With music you can look for files with the same name that are only MP3's, etc. There's a lot of different options basically for finding Duplicate Files.

I must say, I'm impressed with this software. It's a nice way to go about freeing up hard drive space, or even just organizing your computer more. So if you are looking to free up hard drive space, and you have already tried clearing your computer cache, I recommend checking out Duplicate File Cleaner.

Good luck!

Link to Duplicate File Cleaner

Edit (August 2009): Duplicate File Cleaner is now being offered in a bundle called ACA Utilities with 14 other programs for the price of one. I highly recommend spending the extra bit of money to receive the other programs.

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