Driver Genius Review

I found another software program that claims to automatically update your Drivers. This program is called Driver Genius. I figured I'd go ahead and do a Driver Genius Review.

Upon looking at the website, Driver Genius looks to be a pretty impressive program. But it's time to find out. I went ahead and downloaded Driver Genius, it is just under 10MB. It's a fairly small download, although that might take a little bit of time if you are on a dial-up connection. Anyway, after installing it, it's time to check out Driver Genius.

Upon opening Driver Genius, I clicked the option to scan my current computer drivers. While it does that, I will quickly explain what I see on the main window. On the left is basically 8 buttons. Backup Drivers, Restore Drivers, Update Drivers, Uninstall Drivers, Options, Tools, LiveUpdate, Help. Those are all pretty self-explanatory. So I won't bother explaining them.

Anyway, the scan just finished. It found 18 critical driver updates that I need to install. Damn, that's a lot. I'm kinda embarrassed actually, cause I'm supposed to have my computer up to date with everything lol.

But yeah, in conclusion I'm going to go ahead and recommend Driver Genius. It has a driver database of over 80,000 drivers and does a nice job at finding driver updates to install. Two thumbs up.

Once more, here is the link to download Driver Genius.

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