Content Cleaner Review

Ok... let's see if I can do a review of parental control software without it turning into a full rant. Regular readers may remember what happened last time after I reviewed a parental control product lol.

Anyway. I'm going to take a look at Content Cleaner and do a Content Cleaner Review.

Upon first hearing the name, I figured this was a history cleaner for your computer. Well, I was wrong. Content Cleaner is a software program designed to scan your computer for porn and remove it.

I'm sure many of the guys are thinking they better hide this from their wives, but don't worry, this is for parents to use. :) Although... nothing is stopping wives from using this too I guess. :)

Actually, after looking more at the website, it appears they also target another type of user, those who look at porn and want to hide it. :). Perhaps you've been looking at porn on your work computer, you might want to clean that up so your boss doesn't get upset. So I mean, there are legitimate purposes to using this software besides parents using it.

Anyway, six paragraphs in and I'm finally going to talk about the software. After taking a look at Content Cleaner. I was impressed. It didn't blow me away, but Content Cleaner seems to work. How Content Cleaner works is, it scans for certain skin-tone levels that might indicate the image is sexual. Then you can see which files were found and go from there on removing them. It's impressive technology, but no surprise, there are some false positives. So don't be surprised if something Content Cleaner finds turns out to be just a normal picture.

In all, if you have no use for this software, then I don't know why you'd want to bother with it. But if you are a parent looking to remove porn from the family computer, a person trying to hide their web viewing from their boss or spouse, you may want to check out Content Cleaner. Good luck!

Link to Content Cleaner.

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