Registry Gear Review

Well, it’s time to review a new Registry Cleaner I came across. I’m telling you, this blog probably has more registry cleaner reviews then any other blog out there. :)

This software is called Registry Gear. The Registry Gear website says Registry Gear has some of the usual features. A Registry Cleaner, Automatic Scan, Backup Options, etc. The website also claims Registry Gear has a Registry Defragmenter. That’s a nice feature. Not too many Registry Cleaners have that.

Anyway, I went ahead and downloaded and installed Registry Gear. The download was just 1.46MB. Very small and quick download. The installation was also just as quick.

Ok, I went ahead and opened Registry Gear. It’s got an interesting layout. At the top are a few buttons. Start Page, Scan & Fix, Registry Defrag, Settings, Help, and About. Those are all pretty self-explanatory. Under the buttons is a status box. It lists how many registry entries are found, how many have been cleaned, and my registry health. It lists my registry health as low. I’ll be the judge of that. ;)

After looking at the layout, I went ahead and ran the Registry Scan. The Registry Scan found 5,406 registry errors. That is a lot more then many other Registry Cleaners have found. It is possible that some of those errors are actually needed Registry Entries. However, the good news is that Registry Gear offers a Registry Backup. That way if it does accidentally remove Registry Entries that you need, you can restore those entries.

That is about all there is to talk about with Registry Gear. Like I mentioned, Registry Gear also offers a Registry Defragmenter. That is a nice additional feature. Besides that, there aren’t many other features. In conclusion, I recommend giving Registry Gear a try. It may lack many additional features, but the Registry Cleaner sure finds a lot of potential errors.

Once more, here is the link.

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