Infinity Optimizer Review

Time to review a new System Optimizer program I came across. This one is called Infinity Optimizer. Let’s get right to it.

To start... their site is not very impressive. The feature list looks nice, but where do I start with everything else. Some of the Customer Testimonials feature the exact same Testimonials but listed under different customers. Are you kidding me? Also… it lists a System Alert on my computer for “Slow Opening”, “Unnecessary Disk”, “Win System”, and “Internet Speed Time”. What exactly does Unnecessary Disk mean? My guess is they left a word out somewhere. Oh de... On the plus side, at least the website has a nice look and has a lot of information about Infinity Optimizer.

So... I went ahead and downloaded and installed Infinity Optimizer. The installation file was about 8 Megs. That’s a little bigger then most computer optimization programs are, but that could be just because of the large feature list. The installation was also very quick.

Anyway... upon opening Infinity Optimizer, I am greeted with a System Report. It basically lists the last time I did some of the various features that come with Infinity Optimizer. For instance, last registry clean, last junk file cleaner, etc.

On the left is a few buttons that take you to the different features of this program. Here is the complete list of buttons/features.

Registry Cleaner
JunkFile Cleaner
Evidence Cleaner
File Shredder


Windows Repair
IE Repair
System Repair

Uninstall Manager
Memory Optimizer
Startup Manager
System Optimizer

Registry Backups
Favorite Backups
Driver Backup
System Restore


Man... I don’t even know what to say with this program. You know... The feature list is really impressive. A favorites backup? I’m not sure I can think of another System Optimizer I’ve reviewed that has included something like that. But for instance... When I went to the Uninstall Manager, under program description it was listed as “porgram description”. Are you kidding me?? Typos in the program itself?

In wrapping this review up, I honestly don’t know whether to recommend Infinity Optimizer or not. I don’t like some of the things about the website, and the typos in the software are just unbelievable. On the other hand though it has a very nice feature list, and in testing out the features, they seem to work pretty good. If you don’t care about the website and don’t mind typos in the program, then go ahead and download Infinity Optimizer.

Once more... here is the link.

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