NetDuster Pro Review

Ok, time to do another post and review another program. I just came across this software. It is called NetDuster Pro.

So what is NetDuster? It appears to be some type of System Utilities program or privacy program. I’m not completely sure. The NetDuster website says it can speed up your PC, Repair your Registry, Clean your cookies, Remove Browsing History, and it has Privacy Protection. Well whatever category you want to put NetDuster in, it sure sounds impressive.

Anyway, it’s time to download and install NetDuster. I should also note that SoftPedia found this software to be completely Virus free, Spyware free, and Adware free. So you don’t have to worry about downloading NetDuster.

Ok, so I went ahead and installed NetDuster. When I opened NetDuster, up came a little box that showed various tips. That’s a nice little touch. I don’t see that too often with these types of software programs.

I must say, I was a little confused at first with trying to figure out how to use NetDuster. There are various presets for your scan that you run. For instance you can do a quick clean, a cookie clean, a history clean, a privacy clean, a registry clean, a deep clean, or go into advanced mode where you can customize it.

I went ahead and ran a few of the scans. The scans found some stuff that could be removed to free up hard drive space, but it didn’t find a lot. In addition, the Registry Cleaner found less then many other Registry Cleaners have found.

I guess in conclusion I would have to say that the feature list is impressive, but the scan performances aren’t the best. So which do you prefer? Do you prefer a big feature list or software performance? I guess all you can really do is weight the two together in figuring out if you should buy this software.

So what’s my advice? Download this software and try it out yourself. After all, there is a demo version. :)


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