Advanced Defrag Review

Hey everyone :)

I am back after a brief vacation. I went to Chicago and had a lot of fun :). While I was away, I noticed I had a couple e-mails from readers asking me to take a look at a program. I figured I would go ahead and just do a full review of it. This product I am going to be reviewing is called Advanced Defrag.

So what is Advanced Defrag? Well, you may have an idea based on its name. Advanced Defrag is a Disk Defragmenter for your computer. You may be wondering why you should download one though. After all, most computers generally come with a Disk Defragmenter. To be honest though, the one that comes with your computer isn’t really the greatest. Sure, it can get the job done, but there are better defragmenters that you can purchase that don’t come with your computer. Advanced Defrag is one of them.

Let’s start by looking at the website. The Advanced Defrag site has a nice look. It’s very simple. To the right, it has a Softpedia certification that says Advanced Defrag has no Spyware, Adware, or Viruses. To be honest, many software websites will list this certification graphic. However, when you actually go to Softpedia’s website, you will see that their software isn’t even listed. With Advanced Defrag however, clicking on the certification image will take you to the Advanced Defrag listing on Softpedia. So yes, Advanced Defrag is indeed Spyware free, Adware free, and Virus free.

Anyway, I went ahead and downloaded Advanced Defrag. The file is just 2.8 Megabytes. A very quick download, even if you happen to still be using a dial-up connection. The installation was also quick. Time to load Advanced Defrag!

The first thing that comes up is a box notifying me that I have 7 days left of my free trial. That’s ok. That’s more then enough time for me to see if this software is any good.

Now I am on the main window. There are a few buttons, but they all basically relate too defragmenting your hard drive. After all, that’s what this software is for.

To be honest, it’s kind of difficult to review a Disk Defragmenter. What exactly do you say about one? Either it does a good job or it doesn’t. It’s not like you can review this software as far as how many features it has. Fortunately, after spending some time with it, Advanced Defrag does indeed do a great job at Defragmenting your hard drive. I noticed a much more improved PC performance through Advanced Defrag then with the regular windows Disk Defrag. To be honest, I am also pretty impressed with its analysis of the drive before defragmenting it. It sure is a big improvement from the Windows Disk Defragmenter.

Another thing I really like is that Advanced Defrag features a Registry Defrag to help Defragment your Computer Registry. This is crucial in my opinion, and I still can't believe that Windows Disk Defrag doesn't do this. I'm really glad this is included with Advanced Defrag though.

One other note, Advanced Defrag has a scheduler so you can schedule Advanced Defrag to automatically defrag your computer at a certain time. This is very very useful. Often you can forget to defrag your computer frequently (even that happens to me), so it's nice to have the scheduler to make sure your computer is defragged regularly.

Overall, I really love Advanced Defrag. I'm really glad it was pointed out to me by a few of my readers. I'm definitely going to stick to using Advanced Defrag in the future. Like I said, it does a very good job at defragmenting your hard drive. In addition, it offers a 7 day trial. So you can give it a try yourself and see if you like it before deciding to buy Advanced Defrag or not.

Good luck!

Official Website of Advanced Defrag

Edit: (July 2009) ACA Utilities is now offering Advanced Defrag as well as 14 other programs in a single package. I highly recommend spending the little bit extra to get this package with the other software.

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