Zonelog Analyzer

Here is another post about a cool little program. It is called Zonelog Analyser. It's a few years old but it's still pretty neat. Basically, it will take all of your ZoneAlarm logs and put it into a database. It then gives you many ways of viewing the logs which include Graphs and Pie Charts. For example, here is some information about my logs for this computer.

I'm averaging 5,176 hits per week, or 739 hits a day. The biggest day was on November 3rd, 2007. The most popular port that's scanned is port 1026 (messenger spam). You can also see the IP Addresses of the most active sources.

To use this, you obviously need to use ZoneAlarm firewall. This really isn't a program that you NEED, but it's a cool program if you are curious and want some extra information about what all ZoneAlarm is blocking.

You can download it Here.

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