A Great IE/Firefox Extension For Staying Safe.

Here is a great extension for Internet Explorer or Firefox (whichever you use) that will help keep you safe. It is called McAfee SiteAdvisor.

Basically, SiteAdvisor adds a button to your browser. Whenever you go to a site, the button will turn a certain color. If the site appears to be safe, the button will turn green. If the site is questionable, it will turn yellow. If the site may be harmful, the button will turn red. If it's white, then the site hasn't been tested.

After visiting a site and seeing if the site is safe or not, you can click on the button and view the site details. On this page you will find why McAfee SiteAdvisor gave the site its rating. You also may find reviews from other site visitors about the site.

Again, I highly recommend this extension. It has a free version so don't worry about spending money. Once again, here is the link.

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