Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Simple PHP Review

Well... here is something I've never done before. I'm going to talk a bit about this e-book I came across. Usually when it comes to reviews, I stick to reviewing software. And as most of my readers know, I usually review system optimization programs. But I came across this interesting e-book called Simple PHP. And so I thought I would do a Simple PHP Review.

First off... if you have no idea what PHP is... then you probably aren't going to be interested in this review. So you may as well move onto reading something else ;). But those that are interested in learning PHP or work with PHP will definitely be interested in this.

Anyway... like I said, I'm going to talk a bit about Simple PHP. I spent some time and took a look at Simple PHP and I must say I'm pretty impressed by this.

In case you haven't figured it out, Simple PHP is an e-book designed to teach you PHP. Obviously knowing PHP can be a major skill to have. Perhaps you use this knowledge to get a job working with it for some company. Or perhaps you want to just understand better how to install PHP scripts on your website. Either way... if you are interested in learning PHP, I recommend taking a serious look at this e-book.

Although it's an e-book, I hate to call it that. Because I noticed there is so much more then just a simple book. There are also 5 hours of training videos, there are games, quizzes, etc. It really seems to be a nice package and a great way of learning PHP. I remember when I first tried to learn Visual Basic from this huge book I got from the library. It was so dry and boring. I really wish it had training videos and quizzes like this e-book for learning PHP.

But yeah... I guess now I'm kinda rambling :). Anyway... for my readers who are interested in learning PHP (and I know there probably might not be many), consider checking out Simple PHP. I highly recommend it.

Good luck!

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Official Website of Simple PHP

My Porn Blocker Review

Thought I'd do a quick post before I get to bed. It's pretty late :). I recently came across this software called My Porn Blocker. I thought it looked kinda interesting. Besides I'm sick of talking about system utility programs I come across ;). So anyway, I'm going to go ahead and do a My Porn Blocker Review.

First off... some of you might be wondering what My Porn Blocker is. Well... it's pretty self-explanatory. My Porn Blocker is computer software that claims to help you protect your computer from porn. This could be beneficial for parents who are concerned about what their children might come across on the internet.

Now... being that I am not married nor do I have kids, this isn't really software that I would ever need to use. Regardless though, I know many of my readers have families, so I figured I'd go ahead and look at My Porn Blocker.

I must say, after looking at My Porn Blocker, I am pretty impressed by it. Often with regular parental control software, the software might not be up to date. The internet is constantly changing. It's possible when you buy some parental control software that it might not be able to block file sharing. Or... it might use an old list of websites to block out, etc. That doesn't seem to be the case with My Porn Blocker though.

I noticed a few other things with My Porn Blocker. One... it blocks over 50 file sharing programs. I found that to be pretty impressive. Actually... it'd be pretty impressive to even name 50 file sharing programs, let alone block them lol. But I really liked that My Porn Blocker has the option of blocking file sharing programs. After all, you can't just get porn from the world wide web. You can also get it from file sharing programs. Many parents forget that...

My Porn Blocker also works with all of the major browsers (IE, Firefox, Opera, etc). Obviously, this is a good thing. Although I don't know how many kids would really be using Opera or Firefox ;).

Also... My Porn Blocker comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. I am really glad about that. I hate that some software companies don't have any type of money back guarantee with their software. They say it works and if it doesn't for you, then you are screwed. Thankfully though with this software if parents aren't satisfied, they can get a full refund. More companies really need to do this.

Anyway... in wrapping this up, I'm pretty impressed with My Porn Blocker. If you have kids at home and you are looking for software to block porn from getting to your computer, definitely give My Porn Blocker a look.

Good luck!

Download Link:

Official Website of My Porn Blocker