Friday, June 25, 2010

DriverSmith Review

Hey everyone! Back after a bit of an absence. Been a bit more busy as of late now that summer has started. But anyway...earlier tonight I came across a new software program thats been released. This software is called DriverSmith. So I decided to do a DriverSmith review.

So what is DriverSmith? DriverSmith is a software program that scans your computer drivers and looks for any outdated drivers and will update them for you. Keeping your drivers updated isn't easy. And to be honest, even the most experienced PC Tech hates dealing with their computer drivers. It can be one of the most boring tasks. Because of this, a program like DriverSmith has a lot of potential. So does it hold up?

I went ahead and downloaded and installed DriverSmith. The installation file is just 1.5Megs, so it's a quick download and installation. With that, let's get right to taking a look at the actual software.

When opening up DriverSmith, I was greeted with a nice looking main menu that was fairly self-explanatory. There were options for the scan, the settings, about the program, etc. It's about what I expected for a program like DriverSmith. Since DriverSmith's big purpose isn't about having a huge list of features, but about maintaining your drivers and making it as simple as possible for you.

Anyway... the main purpose of DriverSmith is the scanner, so I went ahead and ran the DriverSmith scanner. It didn't take too long to scan my computer for outdated drivers, and there was a progress bar showing how much percentage had been complete, so I wasn't clueless about how long the scan would be taking. Once the scan is done, you are taken right to the results.

When DriverSmith displays the results, it shows a list of outdated drivers that was found on your computer. They are separated into different categories that the drivers fall under, such as "Display Adapters", "Network Adapters", etc. This is nicer then simply making a list of all the drivers that are outdated. This would be more confusing and you might not know what these outdated drivers main purpose is.

Anyway, from here, you are free to choose which drivers you want to update. You select the ones you want, and you click to download and install them. From there DriverSmith will download the drivers and install them. Its really handy and I really like this program.

Thats about all I have to say about DriverSmith. It's main purpose is finding outdated drivers and updating them for you and DriverSmith does a great job at this. If you need to update your drivers or you are just looking to maintain them, then definitely give DriverSmith a try.

Good luck!

Official Website of DriverSmith

Wednesday, June 2, 2010 Training Videos Review

Hey everyone!

I was just about to go to bed. But I wanted to do a review of this product I came across. Actually to be honest, a friend sent me the link and asked if I thought he should buy it. He's pretty new to computers :). But anyway, this interesting product called Training Videos. I figured I would do a Training Videos Review.

As you might be able to guess, this is going to be a positive review. I wouldn't go out of my way to make a post about a product I tried beforehand unless it was something I was going to recommend. Well... unless it was something so horrible I couldn't help but share my thoughts about it. Fortunately though, that's not the case with this product. Training Videos is pretty self-explanatory. They are training videos designed to teach you various subjects when it comes to computers. I was amazed though when I looked at the depth that these training videos go. It covers information that beginners will want to know, but also information that even more advanced computer users may be interested in knowing. Information I learned by having to pay a fortune and learn it through college lol.

Anyway, so what exactly is included in this group of training videos? Well some of the sample topics include freeing up lost memory, how to fix modem issues, how to solve printer problems, installing ram, installing cd-rom drives, how to create boot disks, how to upgrade your computer, how to install hard drives etc. Like I said, it's a very indepth list of topics.

I should note, I was also really impressed with the high resolution quality of these videos. When it comes to showing various computer parts, the quality of the video is definitely crucial. Thankfully with this group of videos, the quality is very nice and left me no problem when it came to seeing objects in the video. I'm glad this company took the extra step in making these videos have a professional look.

But yeah, in closing, I highly recommend my readers check this out. If you are interested in fixing your computer to avoid the PC repair costs, upgrading it, or learning how to do new things with your computer, this is especially recommended.

Good luck!

Official Website of Training Videos

Frontline Registry Cleaner Review

Hey everyone!

Back for another review :). Things have been crazy lately with the recent move to Michigan. I finally got to spend some time tonight on the computer though and came across a Registry Cleaner that I hadn't reviewed before. It's called Frontline Registry Cleaner.

As most of my friends and readers know, I have reviewed a lot of computer programs, and system optimization programs are probably the most common type of program I have reviewed. Since I hadn't tried Frontline Registry Cleaner though, I decided to go ahead and do a Frontline Registry Cleaner review.

For those of you wondering why you might want a system optimization program or a registry cleaner, they can be useful for speeding up your PC. Over time your PC can be cluttered with unneeded registry keys, unneeded files, etc. Programs like Front Line Registry Cleaner is made with the main purpose of cleaning your registry. So how does it do?

I went ahead and downloaded and installed Frontline Registry Cleaner. It's a very small download. Just 1.7MB. So you can easily download it if you happen to use dial-up. Installation was also quick and painless. With that, let's get right to the review.

Upon opening Frontline Registry Cleaner, I noticed that it's rather colorful. That's kinda a funny first thought to have, but I'm just being honest lol. The buttons leading to the various features were all different colors. It appears that Frontline Registry Cleaner went with a simple and colorful layout to make sure the program is easy to use. Nothing wrong with that.

I spent some time and looked through the various features that come with Frontline Registry Cleaner. The main features are the disk scanner/registry cleaner, and the Registry Defragger. It is nice that Frontline Registry Cleaner came with a Registry Defragger. Windows doesn't really come with one, and it's important to have in my opinion.

Also, I should note that Frontline Registry Cleaner also comes with a startup manager and the ability to make backups of your registry before you make changes to it with this software. Making up backups is a definite must when it comes to messing with your computer registry. Also glad to see that a backup feature comes with Frontline Registry Cleaner.

So how do the features perform? They seemed to perform quite well. When you run the scan, it scans both your files and registry and lists how much space you can free up and how many errors are in your registry. That makes it easier then just having to run two separate scans.

The start-up manager also works as it should as does the Registry Defrag. The startup manager is a very underrated feature. Managing the items that run on your computer when you turn it on is very important to speeding up your PC's boot time. Definitely make sure you use the startup manager if you decide to download this program.

In closing, I like Frontline Registry Cleaner. I think it's a good product. The only downside is maybe it could have included more additional features. If you are looking for a full system optimization program, you may want to check out my review of Registry Easy. But if you are looking for a good solid Registry Cleaner, definitely give Frontline Registry Cleaner a look.

Good luck!

Official Website of Frontline Registry Cleaner